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Optical instruments are the instruments designed to aid the vision. These instruments either process light waves to enhance an image for viewing or analyze light waves to determine one out of number of characteristics / properties. The first optical instrument that got invented was telescope, used for magnification of distant images. There are many other types of lab optical instruments such as microscope, camera, magnifier, lenses, binoculars, and more. The optical instruments can be very simple like a magnifying glass or complicated like a telescope or microscope. According to the applications, these instruments are widely used in scientific or other laboratories, jewelry shops, etc.

Type of Lab Optical Instruments

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Optical Instruments
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Fiber Optics Testing Instruments
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New Age Instruments pvt. ltd.

Fiber Optic Projector
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opel india

Optical Measuring Instruments
Radiant Technologies
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Guangzhou Yihao electronic technology co., ltd.
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Aadhaarshila Automation Pvt. Ltd.

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