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Cystoscopes are a distinctive form of endoscope that enables the urologists to perform direct visual inspection of the urothelium. The cystoscope is interspersed in the bladder via urethra. Cystoscope integrated with camera paves the way for immediate endoscopy, as the images generated by camera appears on the screen that gives the doctor the accurate and clear view of bladder. Cystoscopy Equipment also comes with extra tubes in order to assist the other instrument for performing biopsy of bladder tumor. It is of two types: Standard Rigid Cystoscope and Flexible Cystoscope.

A Standard Rigid Cystoscope is consisted of Sheath, Bridge and Telescope, that is generally used to make possible the visualization of the whole bladder. Whereas, Flexible Cystoscope facilitates the retrograde visualization of bladder neck area and it is less painful.