Lacrimal Canula

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Lacrimal Cannula is used to probe and irrigate the nasolacrimal system / lachrymal passages. These are offered in various lengths and angles that allows smooth and effortless surgical treatment. Different types of Lacrimal Cannula are Bailey Lacrimal Cannula, Burnstien Lacrimal Cannula, Fasanella Lacrimal Cannula, Keisler Lacrimal Cannula, Lacrimal Cannula, Mcintyre Inner Cannula, Shahinian Lacrimal Cannula, Tulevech Lacrimal Cannula and West Lacrimal Cannula. These are manufactured by various companies who use state-of-the-art machinery and latest techniques. Lacrimal Cannula Manufacturers offer these in customized amount, depending on the demands of clients.