Porous Pots

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The Porous Pots is a useful lab equipment functions in the manner similar to a filter. The device is used to collect impurities dissolved in various types of chrome solutions like decorative chrome, chromic acid plastic etching, chromatic, bright dips, and anodizing. Porous pot is suitable for application in any chromic acid solution having metal contamination problems.

Porous pot is a cuboid-shaped gallon like equipment with electrical terminals on both the corners. The main body of the device contains an intricate mesh of filter that separates the impurities. It has a flat bottom which helps it settle nicely into a tank.

A porous pot is designed to be fitted into plating tanks. It uses electricity to evict the impurities through the pores. The action also separates the dissolved impurities from the chrome solution. In fact, the observers may find that the porous pot has separated even the dissolved oil from the solution.