Porcelain Spoon Spatulas

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In a laboratory, a spatula is used to take small quantities of solid chemicals. It serves like a spoon thus given the name Spoon Spatulas. In fact, the design of spoon spatulas contains spatula at one end and spoon at the other. Thereby, it can both be used as a spoon and a spatula.

Spoon spatulas may be made of different materials such as glass, plastic or porcelain. Porcelain spoon spatulas are widely used in laboratories for some of its inherent advantages. Porcelain glazed spoon spatulas have weight in congruence to its size that makes it easier to use than a plastic spoon spatula. It provides a good grip over the ends thus making sure the users don�t spill chemicals. Porcelain spoon spatulas are easy to clean and less fragile than those made of glass.