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Who grows up without studying or referring a globe in his/ her school days? Globe is a must educative medium in schools as well as in resident of students. As known to all, Globe is a small manifestation of our earth; it’s a round shaped thing with the world’s map demonstrated on it. Globe is mounted on a stand and can be rotated as per user’s convenience. Different sizes of globes are available in the market. Globes are supportive in knowing our world, its countries, capitals, location, seas, continents, etc. Reading about the countries in a book and trying to understand their location often tends to be bewildering. But, using a Globe, student can easily understand the geographical location of a particular country, major oceans, seas, rivers, deserts, mountains, etc. Studying with globe is fun-filled and it enables the student to enjoy the subject. Hence, these are also good as gift for school going students.