Sintered Ware

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Sintered ware is a set of tools used for the filtration of liquids and gases in a laboratory. On one of the devices consists of a porous glass disc as a filter medium, which is non-corrosive and reusable. The sintered ware is also used for gas washing, dispersion and absorption. The sintered ware is manufactured using different materials as per the application needs.

The sintered ware can be found in various types such as Crucible, Gooch type, Buchner Funnel with Sintered Disc of Porosity G-0 or G-1 or G-2 or G-3 or G-4, plain stem, Funnel Filtration System and several others. It comes in various sizes in accordance with the requirements across labs or research institutes. It is useful in various tasks, which have been mentioned above. .