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Well equipped with different types accessories, Obstetric Tables are used in the delivery of child. Times of India recently published an article citing “The physical pain involved in what is called ‘normal’ childbirth is said to be the most intense that consciousness can endure.” However, there is nothing that can lessen the pain but a proper arrangement can comfort the expecting mom to a large extent. Hence, by incorporating modern technologies, advance Obstetric Tables have been developed upon, which conveniently position the patient to maximize her comfort and ease the burden on the caregiver. These beds can be quickly converted from a practical labor bed to a delivery platform. Further, it can be rapidly adjusted to cater for emergency requirement. Besides, Obstetric Tables, also allow the doctors to rightly examine and operate the patient for a normal delivery. These tables are adjusted to the right working height (at least 70 cm high). Further, the back is also adjustable so that the woman can lie down or sit upright according to her needs.