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Hospital chairs are available in different designs and sizes. There are special purpose chairs for treatments like mammography, eye treatment , for cardiac patients etc. There are Recliner Chair, Hospital Bench, Stackable Chair, Commode Chair, Geriatric Chair, Mammography Chair, Dental Chair, Dialysis Chair, Doctor's Chair, Beam Seating Chair, Folding Chair, Podiatry Chair, Ophthalmic Chair, Cardiac Chair and others. Hospital chairs are manufactured not for the patients but also for the doctors, visitors . Doctor chairs are basically reclining hospital chairs and the visitor hospital chairs are different from the medical chairs as these are not accompanied with any kind of extra facilities. But the patients' hospital chairs are provided with various facilities like, electric controls, adjustable lever, Flexible back, etc. Podiatry chair are precision engineered chairs used for blood donation process easier. Geriatric chairs are used for sick aged people.