Foot Stools

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The hospital tables are usually of more heights as it required to keep the patient at a upper level, so that the doctor can conveniently examine the patient. To mount these elevated hospital beds, Foot Stool are used upon. These tables are manufactured using finest quality steel, iron, etc so to impart strength, sturdiness and stability to bear the weight of the patients. At the foots of the stool heavy duty rubber shoes or ferrules are fitted to intact its grip on the floor. The top of the foot stool is made of different kinds of material, some times it is made of the same material as the frame or some times it is covered with as extra rubber mat to enhance the comfort of the patients. It can also have molded plastic top. These stools come in single, duo or trio steps. The frame of these stools are painted or powder coated with epoxy coating, polyester coating, nylon coating etc to control resistance and abrasion.