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In case where babies takes preterm births or suffers from some severe illness, they find it hard get adjusted in the outside environment. In such cases, a Baby Incubator is used to provide the newborn baby with suitable environmental conditions. It is basically a bassinet enclosed in plastic. It has climate control equipment, which keep the new born warm and protects from germs. A Baby incubator's main function is to maintain Oxygenation for the baby through oxygen supplementation by head hood or nasal cannula. In some cases even continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or mechanical ventilation are used. Further, a baby is kept in an incubator for continuous examination with the help of incubator's sophisticated arrangement for measuring temperature, respiration, cardiac function, oxygenation, and brain activity of the baby. Moreover, the incubator protects the body from cold temperature, infection, noise, drafts and excess handling.