Laboratory Type Centrifuge

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A Laboratory Type Centrifuge is one of the most important pieces of lab equipment, driven by a motor, that spins liquid samples at a higher speed. There are various kinds of centrifuges, based on the size and the sample capacity. As like all other centrifuges, Laboratory Type Centrifuges work on the basis of the sedimentation principle, where the centripetal acceleration is utilized to distinguish substances of greater and lesser density. The load in a Laboratory Type Centrifuge should be cautiously balanced. This can be attained by using a blend of samples and balance tubes that all have the same weight or by using different balancing patterns without balance tube. There are various kinds of Laboratory Type Centrifuges are available in the market, such as Microcentrifuges, Multipurpose benchtop centrifuges, Stand alone centrifuges and the likes.