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Centrifuging is a significant process where a material is carefully spun in a cylindrical chamber which revolves around a fixed axis to make use of both sedimentation processes and the force of centripetal acceleration to mechanically apart mixed blends from each other. Centrifuges are majorly used in various laboratory setting to further purify biological samples and in huge numbers to enrich uranium for nuclear fuel, they are also used commonly in manufacturing for many purposes, comprising to process waste water by municipalities and to generate pharmaceuticals or live drug cultures. In this regards, Gmp Centrifuge plays a vital role. It is required in many ways to separate the suspended liquid contained particles, also fibers, such as plasters, bluestone, potassium chloride, borax, dyestuffs, pesticides, salts, gourmet powders, foodstuff additives, chemical flavors, antibiotics, vitamins.