DNA Sequencers

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We are one of the trusted sources of DNA sequencer, which is a optical bio tech lab instrument. Its basic usability is to automate the DNA sequencing process by analyzing the light signals originating from fluorochromes attached to nucleotides. The sequencing is initially done only by the size separation and peak reading. There after, the actual sequencing reaction(s), cleanup and re-suspension is performed separately in a suitable buffer must. The general DNA sequencers can sequence multiple samples in a batch (run) and perform as many as 24 runs a day.

The process starts by attaching a fluorescent dye to the DNA strand of interest. Then, the laser light outfitted in the DNA sequencer emits at a wavelength that is absorbed by the fluorescent dye attached to the sample DNA. Afterward, one or more optical detectors are used to detect the wavelength that the dye fluoresces at. The output of the detector gives the reading. However, the output of these machines is not perfect as it may contain reading errors and needs to be processed.